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10 strangest sweets around the world

10 strangest sweets around the world

The 10 strangest sweets around the world. Lovers of sweets and their desire to try everything new.

It’s common knowledge that desserts have to be sweet and savory, right? And this does not apply to a plate of grasshoppers dipped in chocolate! In this list we will look for the 10 strangest sweets around the world that are not traditional! Get ready!

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List of the 10 strangest sweets around the world

Everyone loves sweets, right? But would you ever imagine tasting a dessert made with “bacon”?, or worse, “crickets”?

10 strangest sweets around the world
10 strangest sweets around the world

1- Wasabi Ice Cream, Japan

Who would have believed that spicy wasabi could become an ice cream? In fact, nothing is too difficult for the Japanese, in fact, the sweetness of the ice cream softens the sharp and burning taste of the wasabi to leave some pungent after taste.


2- Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Philippines

10 strangest sweets around the world , More ice cream! But this one is a little different, it’s mixed with liquid nitrogen! In fact, you can dip all kinds of snacks in liquid nitrogen, and if done brilliantly, you’re sure to get a great taste.


3- Mosquito Biscuits, Japan

Here is the first kind of sweets associated with insects! Well in that case, instead of putting chocolate chips on the biscuit, we should put a few mosquitoes!


4- Kandol dessert, Malaysia

What is that? Is it worms or something? Fortunately, they are jelly noodles mixed with coconut milk, palm sugar, red kidney beans and crushed ice. We don’t know what thoughts were in the head of the person who created this candy, but we are sure that the person who created it was not fully conscious!


5- Tang Yuan Candy, China

It is a dish of traditional Chinese dumplings made of rice and cooked with sweet broth that makes it a delicious and sweet dish. But what’s inside these dumplings? In fact, there are many flavors such as nuts, beans, sesame, and many others.


6- Tavuk Gogsu, Turkey

Who said milk and chicken pudding don’t go together? I guess everyone thinks so! The strangest thing about this sweetener is that the chicken is ground to be added to the mixture of rice flour, cinnamon and sweetened milk.


7- Makos Teszeta, Hungary

If you find poppies in your dessert, it will most likely be from Hungary. Because Hungarian people are fond of putting this grain on top of everything they eat even on noodles, especially if it’s mixed with a little sugar and butter! Will you try this amazing combination?


8- Chocolate Fried, Scotland

This dessert is considered one of the clearest and most explicit types. In the end, it is Scottish chocolate fried in abundant oil. Weird dessert, but it looks delicious too!


9- Hematogen, Russia

This small dessert became famous in the eighties in the Soviet Union, which was helping to treat iron deficiency cases at that time. At the same time, this candy had a sweet and delicious taste, and later became the most popular candy among children until they discovered its ingredients: cow’s blood, sugar, glucose syrup, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla. Losing the first ingredient caused a great shock to many children!


10- Chocolate Crickets, Thailand

And last but not least let’s get acquainted with another type of insect sweets. Scientists say that if we eat insects instead of killing cows and chickens, we will never run out of food stocks, and eating insects is 10 times cheaper than other types of animals. Looking at these chocolate covered cockroaches, are you ready to conserve the environment and eat this chocolate!

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