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Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch

Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch

Earn $4,000 from the best Amazon merch, the Merch by Amazon platform is the best platform for buying ready-made clothes, and this platform has opened up a great opportunity for anyone who wants to earn money through this platform by uploading their own designs and getting commission on every shirt they sell.


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Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch

Amazon is one of the biggest companies, its popularity and millions of customers all over the world makes it a trusted company and a major market for earning profits.

Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch
Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch

Simply, all you have to do is make a good design and Amazon will print it in a T-shirt and send it to the buyer, not only that, but Amazon will bring you visitors too!


How to register for Merch by Amazon?

Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch
Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch

The registration method is very easy and simple and does not take much time. All you have to do is enter the site through this Merch by Amazon link, then click Create your account with Amazon and you will fill in the fields with the correct information, for example, your personal name, email, and the like, also, you must enter tax information correctly True, if you live in America, for example, you have to enter tax data, as this will make your taxes zero.

In the event that you do not have a tax certificate, you will pay 30% of your profits, which are taxes every month.

  • First, click on Tax Information Interview and select these options if you live in an Arab country and do not have a company.
  • Choose your country, your real address, and mark that you are not a US citizen
  • And here you have completed the tax file successfully.


You have to be careful and focus well in order to be accepted into the Merch by Amazon platform. They will ask you questions about the type of work you are presenting, choose novelty t-shirt business and then they will offer you to enter additional information. Fill it in with correct and truthful information in order to be accepted. As a final step, you will be asked which bank you use, create a Payoneer account and use it there.


Tips for getting accepted into Merch by Amazon

Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch
Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch

According to someone’s experience of being accepted into the Merch by Amazon platform, it lies in creating a special website, which is characterized by a number of exclusive designs. It’s best if the template used is a Portfolio template and that the domain used contains your personal username so that Amazon can make sure the site is yours.

It is also preferable not to be new, that is, not to submit an account request once the site is created, but rather to upload designs, bring visits to them, and archive them in the search engine to bring traffic from Google.

No matter what blogging platform you use, the important thing is to focus on the Portfolio template.


Merch by Amazon Acceptance Letter

The Amazon audit process is very complex and accurate, and the site can easily detect duplicate messages whose owners are not worthy of joining the Merch by Amazon platform. Talk about your design experience and other sites that you have dealt with, etc. of your style of expression and honest speech.

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How to profit from merch by amazon

Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch
Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch Earn $4000 from the best Amazon Merch

After completing the registration and acceptance in Merch by Amazon, it was the turn to upload the designs on the site. This is the most important stage for making a profit from Merch by Amazon. The most important thing in the beginning is to make sure that your designs will be bought. How do I do that? I will tell you, firstly, you need to take some time while searching on Amazon and see the latest models and the most wanted items in the market in general.

To find out the most searched T-shirts and the best-selling designs, it is enough to put T-shirt, for example, in the Google Trends search.

And specify the options that you want for countries, let it be America or others, or you can specify a period of time and so on, the important thing is that it will provide you with the result according to the options that you selected.

There is not only Google Trends, but there are other ways to find out which profitable charts are achieving great sales.

You can use the Merch Informer tool to get keywords, this platform helps you to get powerful and targeted keywords. It also provides you with a wide range of designs that you can add directly to your account for free, without any violations.


What do I do if I am rejected in Merch by Amazon?

Do not worry at all my brother about the rejection and do not back down, review your mistakes, and try again, but before re-registration request, try using a different bank account than the one you used in the beginning, also for the message used, it is recommended to modify it and send a different and private message, and change the email the user.

Of course, profit from this field, or what is known as printing on demand, is not limited to the Merch by Amazon platform only, but there are many other alternatives.


Best Merch by Amazon Alternatives:

  • Vistaprint website
  • Teezily website
  • UltraPress website
  • Etsy site com

Here, we have finished the article related to your question, How do I earn $ 4,000 from the best Amazon merch, and through what I shared with you, you can achieve more than $ 4,000 per month through Merch by Amazon, of course this will be if you work hard, and always know that it is very He found, he who sowed reaped, and he who walked on the path arrived.

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