15 most famous snacks around the world

15 most famous snacks around the world

The 15 most famous snacks around the world, each country is famous for its popular traditional dishes that they are proud of, and vary from main dishes and candy bars to favorite snacks for many.

In this article, we will learn about the 15 most famous snacks around the world.

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List of the 15 most famous snacks around the world

Snacks vary greatly from country to country. In the United States, people prefer a donut or a bag of potato chips, while in Australia the most popular option is a delicious savory pancake, known as a Savory pie. In Peru, people prefer raw fish as a snack and delicacy.

15 most famous snacks around the world
15 most famous snacks around the world

1- Germany

Leberkäse is one of the most famous snacks in southern Germany. It is a type of beef that is placed in a loaf of bread, and the locals like to turn it into a sandwich called Leberkässemmel, and it is cooked by grinding the ingredients very well and then roasting them in the form of a loaf in a baking pan, until it turns from the bottom to a crunchy brown crust.


2- Australia

A traditional dish popular in Australia and New Zealand, Savory pancakes are hand-sized pancakes made with ground meat or gravy, and topped with mushrooms, onions or cheese.


3- Denmark

A popular side dish in Denmark is a piece of buttered rye bread (also known as rugbrød) with cold cuts of meat, fish and cheese.


4- Argentina

A popular South American snack, Alfajores biscuits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and include the famous Argentine dulce de leche, a crunchy shortbread filled with chocolate.


5- Mexico

Tamales are made from dough steamed in corn husks or a banana leaf, and filled with ingredients such as meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, and chili.


6- Poland

A savory snack popular in Poland is pierogi, similar to sweet and savory dumplings, stuffed with meat, potatoes or cheese, and sometimes fillings with berries or strawberries in summer.

15 most famous snacks around the world
15 most famous snacks around the world

7- Egypt

A popular snack in Egypt is halva, a dense dessert usually made of tahini (sesame paste), and usually containing pistachios.


8- Greece

Koulouri is a sesame-sprinkled bread that is usually baked in circular motions, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, often containing olives or feta cheese.


9- India

A staple of Mumbai’s culinary culture, Vada Pav is a pancake of fried lentils, potatoes and onions served in a bread roll with chutney.


10- Spain

A popular snack usually eaten in the traditional bars of northern Spain, almost any ingredient can be put on bread, but the most common ones are cod, anchovies, shrimp, and pork.


11- Italy

Especially popular in Rome as a snack, supplì are rice balls filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella, then dipped in egg, breaded and fried.


12- Thailand

Khanom Bueang, a sweet snack that can be found all over Thailand, is also known as “Thai crepe”, and is a very thin dough that is stuffed with all kinds of sweet or savory ingredients.


13- China

Known as Xiaolongbao or soup dumplings, this steamed bun is traditionally stuffed with pork and broth, and served in a bamboo basket.


14- Russia

Pirozhki are Russian snacks which are baked or fried cakes stuffed with a variety of fillings, such as beef or potatoes.


15- Ukraine

holubtsi ukrainian stuffed cabbage, which in Arabic means “little pigeon”, and the fillings vary; It can be meatless or contain any combination of meat, vegetables and grains.

Cabbage can be from beet leaves, lettuce or spinach, and even grape leaves in the grape-growing regions of Ukraine, and the cooking liquid varies by region and family to include broth, tomato juice and sour cream.

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