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What is a diabetes diet?

Diabetes diet


What is a diabetes diet? It is not a restrictive diet, but a healthy diet rich in nutritious foods, low in fats and carbohydrates, and based on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It is the ideal nutrition that can be summed up by consuming different food groups in reasonable quantities and according to meal times.
It can be said that the diabetic diet is not a punishment, but rather it is the most important step for a healthy life, so in this article, learn about the effective diabetes diet that you should follow and the most important information that diabetics should know.


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What is diabetes? What is a diabetes diet?

Diabetes was first discovered or mentioned in Egypt. They described the disease as stated in the works or writings found in Egypt, “He was so thirsty that he could drink the Nile River.” There are two types of diabetes.

What is type 1 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is known as insulin-dependent diabetes. It is more common, and usually begins in childhood. Since the body does not secrete insulin, they need to use insulin. After a problem with the immune system occurs, the body destroys the cells that secrete insulin and 90% of the insulin cannot be produced. This type appears in 10-15% of diabetic patients.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent diabetes. There is insulin production in the body, but due to the disruption of the insulin receptors, the entry of glucose into the cells cannot be provided, and glucose remains in the blood and rises. It’s a more common type in adults and people with weight problems. It constitutes 80-85% of diabetic patients. In other words, people with high blood pressure, obesity, high blood lipids, and belly fat are often encountered.

What’s the reason?!

It now appears in young people due to poor nutrition and weight. It can be cured by taking the tablets along with a healthy diet. Some doctors may also recommend insulin, because they believe it causes less kidney damage. So how should diabetics eat and what should your blood sugar value be before switching to a diabetes diet? What is a diabetes diet?


How do diabetics lose weight?

• People with type 1 diabetes are usually very thin and should not lose weight.
• Actual obesity threatens health in type 2 diabetes and disrupts the sugar balance.
• People with type 2 diabetes should follow a diet appropriate to the diabetes medications they use.
• The metabolic rate should be calculated according to age, height and gender, and the calories b

What is a diabetes diet?
What is a diabetes diet?

urned should be calculated taking into account physical activity.

How can you lose weight?

• He can lose weight by taking in 200-300 calories less than he burns. It should be balanced so that 55-60% of your calculated calories come from carbohydrates, 12-15% from protein and 25-30% from fats.
• Diabetics should not follow a very low calorie diabetic diet for weight loss and should not eliminate carbohydrates while on a diabetic diet.
• The diabetic diet menu should include 3 main meals and 3 snacks.
• Fresh fruit, nuts, ayran, cheese, biscuits or milk can be eaten as snacks.
• They can lose weight in a healthy way with diet plans created with foods with a low glycemic index.
• It is normal for them to lose 2-4 kilograms per month. Losing weight faster can lead to a persistent crash in blood sugar.


How should a diabetes diet be? What is a diabetes diet?

How to feed diabetics. or What is a diabetes diet? The most important point to consider in the treatment of diabetes is the ideal weight. If the weight ratio is high, blood sugar balance may not be achieved. While following a diabetes diet, foods with a high glycemic index should be avoided. Foods with a high glycemic index suddenly increase and decrease blood sugar, causing fluctuations and worsening of blood sugar.

What is a diabetes diet? how should diabetics eat?

• The balance of carbohydrates, fats and daily protein must be well adjusted. With a diet based on protein only, a person can be seriously harmed.
• You must make 3 main meals and 3 snacks. Between meals, protein and carbohydrates should be eaten together. Like consuming 1 fresh fruit and ayran.

What is a diabetes diet?
What is a diabetes diet?

• Consuming a source of calcium in the main meals is very important for balancing sugar. It is important to have low-fat yogurt or curd at every meal, as it keeps blood sugar stable and reduces sudden dips or spikes.

What else?

• Whole wheat bread and brown bread should be eaten instead of white bread. and bulgur or whole pasta should be consumed instead of white rice.
• You should pay attention to the consumption. of whole wheat bread and salad at every meal.
• You should avoid butter. fried foods and foods that contain a small percentage of sugar.
• Adding cinnamon to fruit, yogurt and smoothies can reduce cravings for sweets and sugar.
• Canned foods should be avoided as much as possible because they contain sugar and salt.
• Products such as tallow, lard, and sausages should not be eaten.
• You should avoid simple foods that contain sugar such as sweets, biscuits and cakes as much as possible.
• We should not forget that foods such as pastries or cakes contain white flour and are rarely consumed.

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