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Klaviyo affiliate 2023

Klaviyo affiliate 2023

Klaviyo affiliate 2023. Email marketing is one of the most beneficial and profitable ways to market online – a fact that few e-commerce store owners are aware of. Klaviyo is an email marketing app/service that I have talked about in this article below. It is one of the best email marketing apps that you can find in many app stores, and it has a good reputation for speeding up the email creation process.


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Klaviyo affiliate 2023

Klaviyo affiliate 2023
Klaviyo affiliate 2023 Klaviyo affiliate 2023

Before I start the review, I want to briefly mention one more issue that most online marketers and store owners will find useful. While email marketing, as I mentioned earlier, is a very useful marketing method, there are many other methods that can also be very useful.

Back to Klaviyo, and before we get into our full review, you should know that my overall impression of this app is that it’s designed to be a great addition to ecommerce platforms and isn’t necessarily a standalone email marketing tool—especially if you’re not running an online store. However, most ecommerce professionals will find the features great.


Klaviyo Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Klaviyo affiliate 2023
Klaviyo affiliate 2023 Klaviyo affiliate 2023

After doing some research online, I decided to test Klaviyo. Within an hour, I’d modified their standard marketing automation flows to welcome new customers, abandoned browsers with no items added to cart, abandoned cart customers, customer refunds, custom cross-selling/automated selling and submission.

Klaviyo’s integration with Shopify is amazing. It was able to connect to Shopify and digest all of the customer data, and implement several optimized flows instantly. In the first month, communications I designed and created using a drag-and-drop email editor (Shopify doesn’t have one) had a ROI of 2286% on the cost of the system. No… I’m not kidding there.

With Klaviyo and Shopify, you can start sending more personalized and better targeted communications in a matter of seconds. Klaviyo seamlessly collects and stores all the data relevant to your customers so you can use it to deliver memorable experiences, drive sales, and create stronger relationships.

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Includes Shopify ecommerce integration by Klaviyo

Klaviyo affiliate 2023
Klaviyo affiliate 2023 Klaviyo affiliate 2023

Dashboard – Along with marketing automation, Klaviyo offers a powerful fully customizable e-commerce dashboard that provides every detail of your Shopify store in real time.

Marketing Automation Flows – Trigger flows based on dates, events, list membership or segment membership and use splits, filters, A/B testing and more to target and optimize. Get started faster with Shopify’s library of automation and email templates.

Back in Stock Alerts – Out-of-stock products are no longer a lost sale. Allow customers to sign up for alerts when items are back in stock – it’s that easy.

Personalized Product Recommendations – Easy-to-use, no-setup product recommendations based on customers’ browsing and purchase history.

Campaigns – You don’t just need to send marketing automation flows, you can send an email or SMS campaign whenever you want to any segment you want.

A/B Test – Easily test email subject lines and content directly within your marketing automation workflow.

Customer Categories – Define segments without restrictions. Use any combination of events, profile properties, location, expected values, and more… over any date range.

Dynamic Coupons – Easily send individual coupons to your customers.

Preference Pages – Brand and customize mobile and responsive email customer preference pages.

Artificial Intelligence – Automatically generated predictions for LTV, rollover risk, gender, optimal dispatch time, and customized product recommendations out of the box.

Ecommerce Lifecycle Marketing – Provide branded target forms to build your marketing list. Then, engage customers through multiple channels and use forecasts to anticipate change or target high-value customers.

Enrich Product Data – Automatically synchronize product attributes with checkout, ordering events, and catalog records.

SMS – Take advantage of Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation and automation to personalize every text message. Consent management is simple and automated to ensure that messages are sent to the right people.


One-click e-commerce integration in Klaviyo

Klaviyo has over 70 pre-built one-click integrations as well as open APIs to ensure that you can easily get your business data into Klaviyo without hassle.

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