The 7 most important benefits of Zumba

The 7 most important benefits of Zumba

The 7 most important benefits of Zumba you know, is Zumba really useful for weight loss? In this article, learn about the most prominent benefits of Zumba and the most important health guidelines to be followed when practicing this sport.


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The 7 most important benefits of Zumba

The 7 most important benefits of Zumba
The 7 most important benefits of Zumba

In the following, we will learn about the most important benefits of zumba, as there are many benefits that the zumba dance brings to the health of the body, as follows:


  1. Increases the feeling of pleasure

Zumba can make you more fun, as you won’t feel like you’re doing a tiring exercise, the more you enjoy your zumba routine, the more likely you are to stick with it and achieve other health benefits.


  1. Helps reduce weight

Zumba dance is a strong exercise that will contribute to burning 600 to 1000 calories in just one hour, so if you want to lose weight, it is recommended to practice this dance.


  1. It targets all the muscles of the body

You may feel the presence of places on your body that you did not know existed before as a result of Zumba dance targeting the muscle groups located throughout the body to increase their coordination.


  1. Promotes heart health

Not only will you get the benefits of aerobic exercise from zumba, but you will also get the benefits of other sports, as Zumba increases your heart rate and keeps your respiratory system healthy.


  1. Helps relieve stress

Shifting your attention to dancing away from everyday problems and stresses is a great way to relieve stress. Evidence shows that exercise including Zumba is a very effective way to reduce fatigue, improve alertness and focus, and enhance cognitive function.

Every time you do Zumba, your body releases more endorphins, which leads to feelings of positive emotions and joy.


  1. Improvement of mental health in general

Zumba is a group sport, so a sense of group spirit may increase your desire to practice and adhere to this sport and meet new people, which positively affects your mental health.


  1. Reduce blood pressure

One study in a sample of overweight women found that after 12 weeks of practicing Zumba to improve fitness, participants’ blood pressure decreased and their weight loss increased.


The recommended amount of Zumba activity to gain benefits

The 7 most important benefits of Zumba
The 7 most important benefits of Zumba

Zumba is an aerobic exercise, so you can rely on the recommended amount of aerobic exercise to benefit from the benefits of zumba.

The World Health Organization recommends that healthy adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week.


In general, Zumba dance classes consist of a series of Latin songs and dances that are practiced for a period of time between 45 to 60 minutes in the gyms, each of which is composed of coordinated dance movements that complement each other, with the first song providing a slow rhythm to help warm up with Increase the intensity in the songs you follow.


Warnings about practicing Zumba


If you were pregnant and practiced Zumba before pregnancy and there are no health problems in your pregnancy, you can continue to practice it after consulting your doctor, but you need to make some changes in the dance routine to stay and your fetus safe, as Zumba depends on jumping, which may affect your hormones and cause a loss of balance.

If you suffer from knee or back pain or arthritis, talk to a doctor before doing Zumba and reduce intense exercise, there are other ways to get a good joint workout.

If you have a disability or other physical problems, consider doing wheelchair-style Zumba. It’s a good and fun exercise.

If you have diabetes, Zumba is a great way to lose weight and build muscle, but as the energy level rises as a result of the intensity of the exercise, the sugar level may drop, so check with your doctor first to see if you will need to change your diabetes treatment plan.

It is worth noting that, in all cases, you should increase your water intake, to stay hydrated.

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