All you care about Pilates


All you care about Pilates


I had never heard of the name of that sport before, but I got addicted to practicing it after reading about it and trying it myself.. At first, I was ignorant like the rest of its pronunciation as well, until I searched for how to pronounce it because it was a foreign word, and its pronunciation became easy for me.

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“Plates” is a golden and physical sport that increases the flexibility of the body and helps to refine and strengthen the muscles. It’s the favorite sport of Hollywood artists, when I visited Los Angeles; I noticed the spread of that sport there and the existence of sports studios that specialize in plaques only. This is what encouraged me to practice and deepen it.



How did the sport of platys begin?

German gymnast Joseph Pilates was the first to design the sport of Pilates. In his childhood, Joseph Pilates was weak in structure and suffering from asthma, so he strengthened his body through sports until he became an athlete. Then he became a nurse during the First World War in Britain. He designed this sport to rehabilitate the wounded soldiers in the war and to help them move again.

What are Pilates?

They are slow sports movements that focus on a specific muscle in the body or a group of muscles aimed at increasing the flexibility of the body or a group of muscles aimed at increasing the flexibility of the body and strengthening the muscles and increasing physical fitness without increasing the size of the muscles, that is, they help the muscles become strong and long The body becomes graceful and not like bodybuilders.

Whoever practices this sport feels an improvement in his body, his back becomes straighter, and the chances of injuries are reduced while practicing any other sport.




What do we need to practice Pilates?

We need either a machine and this requires a visit to a studio. Or a mattress that is placed on the floor on which you practice the Pilates exercises using only your body weight. With the help of a specialized trainer and holder of a certificate in platys tics.

Can I do Pilates?

Of course, one of the advantages of this sport is that it is available to all ages and all levels, from beginners to professionals.




What should we wear before starting?

We should wear comfortable sports clothes, and often do Pilates without shoes, just like yoga.

Finally, before starting any sport, you should consult a doctor, especially if you suffer from health problems.

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