Harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022

Harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022

Harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022, Cardio exercises are considered one of the best types of exercises, which help the body get an adequate amount of oxygen, and provide it with the energy needed for activity and movement. Cardio exercises are the same as aerobic exercises of all kinds, and these exercises have many benefits from a physical point of view in terms of moving muscles and joints, increasing physical activity, improving heart health, and increasing the activity of hormonal glands, among others.

As its benefits go beyond the physical aspect to the psychological benefits, it has an effective role in improving the mood, and reducing the stress associated with daily activities, to learn more about the types of cardio exercises, and you can learn about their benefits through your comprehensive guide.

Cardio exercise is great, but excessive performance of these exercises, to obtain a fit body within a short period of time, can lead to unwanted physical damage and injuries. the appropriate. In this article, we will discuss the harms of cardio exercises, and how you can do these exercises without harm.

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Harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022

The most harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022
Harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022

Cardio exercises have many benefits, but a prolonged exercise session may be counterproductive and may negatively affect the health of the trainee. There are also many side effects of cardio exercises, including:


Decreased metabolism that hinders weight loss

When you exercise, it burns fat and thus obtains an athletic body and builds muscle. But when you feel that muscle building is low, which makes some resort to excessive exercise, which makes the body in a state of struggle to keep up with this increased level of burning fat and energy. Which impairs the metabolism and hinders the process of losing weight.


hormonal imbalance

The mdlinx medical website mentioned that when exercising in excess and continuously, the trainee can suffer from a sleep problem (insomnia), then he may also face difficulty in exercising, and this insomnia appears on people who exercise in the afternoon or evening, which leads to It increases the level of the stress hormone (cortisol) at night, which can lead to sleep problems. Normally, cortisol levels rise in the morning and fall in the evening. So instead of doing cardio in the evening, it’s better to do it in the morning. Besides cortisol, excessive exercise can affect the level of the hormone epinephrine, which in turn can lead to problems with concentration, emotional weakness, depression, and episodes of irritability.


weak immune system

Excess cortisol secretion, especially during the evening and during sleep, when cortisol is high, the rate of blood pressure and blood sugar also rises, and many calories are stored in the form of fat, especially around the abdominal area, and thus can lead to weakness immune system.

The most harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022
Harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022


How much hormonal imbalance also affects the processes of satiety and hunger in the body, although exercise will enhance the process of hunger, but excessive exercise can be counterproductive. Consequently, the trainee loses appetite, and it may become a serious problem for those who overtrain.


Exposure to fractures and injuries

Such as exposure to tendon and joint injury, and fractures resulting from increased stress in exercise. Therefore, it is best to follow a structured training regime, to avoid these damages.



People who exercise too much can develop rhabdomyolysis with certain types of very intense cardio. High levels of rhabdomyolysis can also cause kidney failure. There are more benefits of cardio exercises, you can find them in the article on the dangers of cardio exercises



How can you do cardio without harm?

The most harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022
Harmful cardio exercises that you should avoid 2022

When you want to start cardio exercises, you must first know the exercises that are appropriate for you, as well as know the movements and exercises that you should avoid. You can also ask the trainer about the nature of the pain if you feel it, if it is normal or that you should stop the exercise, many experts also recommend not to exercise during any pain.


  • Do light cardio exercises to warm up, or you can run in the place or around the house for at least 5 minutes at least.
  • After you feel warm, you can stretch the tight muscles in the lower body; Ex: hamstrings.
  • You can perform each exercise for 30-60 seconds, moving from one movement to the next, with little rest time.
  • You can do one long cycle of 15 minutes for a short exercise, which you can repeat as many times as you like.
  • Finish the exercise quietly, as you can make sure to tighten the lower part of the body, to avoid the damages of cardio exercises.

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