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How to make sweet potatoes for diet?

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Many of us love the taste of potatoes, but it is linked to a diet regime, so we stop eating it, so as not to spoil this diet, which may be very harsh in many cases. Now, in this article, we have come to you with a magical solution to this confusing problem, a special way to make sweet potatoes for the diet and with this you will you can eat it without gaining too many calories.


All you have to do is preheat the oven to a temperature of 175 degrees, then prepare an oven tray and line it with baking paper, as well as paint it with olive oil. Finally, put the oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil on the cubes of potatoes, then immediately put them in the oven for an hour until the potatoes are completely cooked.

There is also another way to make sweet potatoes for the diet, by preparing the potatoes by washing them well under water in order to remove the suspended dust, and then bring a pot with water, then put the potatoes in it to climb well, and then remove them from the fire. Also, do not forget to bring a bowl of cold water, then lower the potatoes into the hot water, then put them in cold water to cool completely, and then peel the potatoes.

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After the peeling is done, you have to prepare a plate and mash the potatoes in it with the spoon or with a special masher so that its texture becomes very smooth and homogeneous. After this, put both the oil with the nuts and mix them well until they are mixed with the nuts, then put them in the oven. Bring an oven tray or a roasting tray, then grease it with a layer of ghee, then put the potatoes in it, so that they are evenly spread in it. After this, enter the mold in the oven, whose temperature should be 180 degrees Celsius, so that the potatoes are browned and ripened, and finally take them out of the oven, then leave them until they cool down, then cut them into pieces that are placed in serving dishes for eating.

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