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Best PC Games of 2022

Best PC Games of 2022

Best PC Games of 2022, the new generation of computer games has developed a lot and there are many enthusiastic games that are able to take our time and help us spend fun times and eliminate boredom easily, but when we decided to present you a report on the best computer games for 2022 we decided to look It’s different and we hear more than one opinion so that we can prepare 6 huge PC games that are really worth playing this year, even if they are not from this year’s production, but they will help you stay up all night.



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Best PC Games of 2022

Best PC Games of 2022
Best PC Games of 2022

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In fact, I do not know where to start my speech, although we were sure that you had already tried it and listened to it, but we were not able to bear to overlook it and not mention it. The game world, both in terms of story, plot, sword gameplay, jump on bloody monsters, and use magic skills to beat all competitors from humans and creatures.


2. Hades game

In Hades game you will make your way to Hell as the defiant son of his foolish father and your brothers are Zeus and Poseidon gods of the underworld, the idea of the story is that you are trying to escape and break free from your father’s grip and your weapon is your sword and you will find yourself in the beginning inside the Greek underworld and over time you will get many upgrades To strengthen your skills, which will make your fighting method completely different from what it was in the beginning, and in this way, you will be able to face stronger and more ferocious monsters and enemies with the development of the story.


3. Hitman 3

For me personally, Hitman 3 feels like the best John Wick incarnation but without his long hair and you can literally use anything in the room to assassinate your targets, a great incarnation of a hitman in a new way, the idea of the third and final part of Hitman is to teach a terrible killer how to be A better fighter and how to eventually become a legendary killer and most of the missions require you to turn into a shadow or a fantasy literally and not be seen at all which is very difficult but very favorite for all spy lovers.


4. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Best PC Games of 2022, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an amazing experience in every sense of the word that has never been seen before. The game allows you to virtual flight in all corners of the globe and is characterized by elements of realism and depth that words cannot describe, the airports are amazingly realistic and if you go to this Before in your real life, you will be sure to be amazed at how similar fantasy is to reality, not to mention the wonderful details inside the cockpit of the plane.


5. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Best PC Games of 2022, The wonderful experience that we experienced over the past 16 years is back in its ninth edition with completely new characters and the beginning of a new chapter of the story where the game world contains completely new and strange but distinctive and wonderful areas, for example, the Revendreth area where the wicked dead go there to repent and atone for their sins Held by the vampire Venthyr, the game is filled with spooky castles, dense trees and tangled forests, the Ardenweald Night Forest allows you to observe the creatures of nature and will captivate you in its star-studded brilliance.


6. Monster Hunter World

Best PC Games of 2022, Monster Hunter is a series of action and role-playing games that start with only a very weak weapon and a set of schemes on your back and now it is your turn to start carrying out a set of tasks in the form of fighting huge monsters, the more you manage to win and kill one of the monsters, the more you have the opportunity to harvest materials From your prey and take advantage of the objects in its environment in order to upgrade your skills, strengthen your weapons and build stronger equipment that allows you to be able to confront the strongest monsters and defeat them.

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