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What is ideal parenting? 2022

What is ideal parenting? 2022

What is ideal parenting? 2022, The pressure that parents feel today to be everything and do anything for their children is a real problem in many families. It’s no surprise that parents feel the need to be perfect parents because of the conscious/subconscious messages coming from their surroundings, from the maternity wars on social media, the courtship looks of seniors, to sharing among friends.


However, here’s the thing: Being a perfectionist not only increases parental stress, it can also be harmful to your child. If you are a perfectionist parent, you can protect yourself and your child from this intense stress and feeling of inadequacy by changing some of your expectations.

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What is ideal parenting? 2022

What is ideal parenting? 2022
What is ideal parenting? 2022

What are the signs that you might be an ideal father?

Some perfectionist parents are perfectionists in all aspects of their lives. They succeed in everything they do; otherwise, they wouldn’t even bother trying. They make great sacrifices to achieve their goals, and these people are most often successful people. However, they never feel “good enough”.

What is ideal parenting? 2022

Others are just perfectionists in parenting. These individuals may be afraid of “ruining their children” or may feel like a failure as parents if they cannot get their children to go to the best schools.


We will; While some parents expect perfection from themselves, others expect perfection from their children. While they believe that the standards they create will lead to excellence, this need for excellence is ultimately counterproductive.


Signs you need to be the perfect parent

What is ideal parenting? 2022

  • To criticize him often
  • Blame yourself when your child doesn’t succeed
  • Comparing yourself to other parents and feeling incompetent
  • Guilt for not being able to do more even though you’ve already done so much for your children
  • Constant criticism and reconsideration of your parenting choices
  • You lose your composure a lot because your expectations are too high.
What is ideal parenting? 2022
What is ideal parenting? 2022

Signs that you expect your child to be perfect

  • If your child doesn’t do something your way, it’s hard to follow.
  • Over-managing your child while working on a job/task/homework
  • Putting pressure on your child to perform perfectly
  • Criticize your child instead of praising him
  • Forcing your child to fulfill your dreams,
  • Seeing your child’s success as your success or value,
  • Treat your child’s activities, such as a math test or soccer game, as if they were “life-changing events.”


Who tends to be an ideal parent?

What is ideal parenting? 2022
What is ideal parenting? 2022

No one is exempt from wanting to be the best dad possible. But there is one group that appears to be disproportionately affected: working parents.


There are two reasons behind this. The first reason is that anyone (man or woman) who is accustomed to achieving success in the workplace will feel the need to succeed in other areas of their life as well. Unfortunately, as in the workplace, there are no set goals or milestones to reach in the field of parenting.


Reason #2 Working moms often report that they are under much more pressure “trying to do everything”. One study noted the emotional impact this stress has on a working mother: the mothers of his worker; 80% feel stressed and unable to do everything. Also, more than 50 percent fear missing out on important everyday moments in their family’s life.


On the other hand, parents often feel guilty. A 2015 survey at the Pew Research Center reported that nearly 50 percent of dads said they were great dads—while the other half didn’t rate themselves highly on fatherhood. On the other hand, Pew Research Center discovered that today’s parents spend three times more time with their children than dads in 1965. However, nearly half of the parents surveyed feel that they do not spend enough time with their children.


In fact, parents are not the only victims of a perfect upbringing. Such attitudes from mothers and fathers can have significant effects on their children.


Effects of ideal parenting on children

What is ideal parenting? 2022
What is ideal parenting? 2022

There is a difference between being a parent of high standards and being an idealist. Having high standards is often a good trait for a parent because they determine the life expectancy of their child and help them succeed in life. However, if the child of the ideal parent does not reach the highest standards, they believe that their child or themselves are failing.


Putting too much pressure on children for perfection sends them the wrong message(s). It can cause feelings such as inadequacy, lack of love, and guilt in your child. Moreover, it can cause many mental problems such as anxiety disorders, stress adjustment problems, social anxiety, and inability to express oneself. For example, he may resort to cheating on his exam to get good grades, believing that his parents value success over honesty.


The pursuit of perfection can also be passed on to children. children who think they need to be whole; Over time, they are more susceptible to mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. It is also good at masking symptoms. Therefore, mental health problems may not be noticed in time.


Perfectionism is also associated with self-sabotaging behaviors, such as procrastination. Ironically, idealism makes a child more likely to fail.


What is ideal parenting


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