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Three royal beauty tips for princesses

beauty of princess

For every girl or woman looking for the sparkling beauty of princesses, now we have come to you with amazing tips on this matter that will help you a lot in getting the wonderful look you desire through the following:

Soft touch… For your hands

Enjoy the skin of the hands with a silky smooth texture, as this cream gives you the feeling of moisture provided by Avon.

The cream is applied after or during washing hands, as it works to protect the skin from drying and gives you a calm and soft skin because it contains a non-mental formula and with it you will notice softness in the texture.

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The cream works like an invisible glove to leave a protective film on the skin of the hands. It creates a thin insulating layer like invisible gloves to protect hands from detergents and water.

Make sure to use it twice daily to get the highest effectiveness and protection.

Almond oil protects your beauty

Normal skin needs special types of masks… Beautician Maha Al-Sukran offers some of them to keep it from drying out and wrinkles.

Bring an amount of bitter almond oil and the same amount of sesame oil and mint oil. Mix the ingredients and apply them to the skin until it is absorbed. Use twice a week. You will get a cohesive and fresh skin.

Another mask that benefits all types of skin and gives it vitality and youth, always protecting it from burns caused by sunlight, which is an amount of cinnamon oil and the same of chamomile oil, and it is applied to the skin twice a week.

The expert advises to keep using the clamps until you get the desired and fast results?

Your beauty.. With fruits

We always tire our skin by applying creams and moisturizers to get a smooth and attractive skin, without noticing that there are natural and useful things available in every home that can perform this role to the fullest… including the orange fruit that you can take advantage of the juice in its peel to moisturize your hands.

If you want to have a bright complexion and a beautiful face, squeeze the strawberries and apply them to your face in the morning and evening, then wash it with parsley water.

To remove freckles, use the grated cucumber with powdered milk added to it, and figs are also a fruit that helps reduce fat and remove pimples from your face.

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