The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics

The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics

The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics, Diabetics need to drink healthy fluids daily, because hydration of the body contributes to maintaining blood sugar, while dehydration leads to a disturbance in its levels.

And water is not the only liquid useful for diabetics, but there are other drinks that are no less important, which we will review for you in the following report, The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics.


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The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics

The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics
The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics

Green tea

The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics, A previous study revealed that green tea reduces the chances of developing complications of diabetes, due to its high content of antioxidants, provided that it is not sweetened with white sugar.


herbal tea

All herbal teas are useful for diabetics, such as chamomile, hibiscus, ginger and mint, as they contain a good percentage of antioxidants, such as carotenoids, flavonoids and phenolic acids.

And when you want to sweeten herbal tea, it is preferable to rely on bee honey, because white sugar reduces its benefits.



Coffee is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a useful drink for people with type 2 diabetes, unless it is sweetened with sugar or prepared with additives that earn extra calories, such as milk and bleach.


vegetable juice

A healthy alternative to natural juices, because it is free of sugar and rich in dietary fiber, which helps control blood sugar, improve insulin action in the body, and promote bowel movement.


To prepare vegetable juice, all you have to do is mix green leafy vegetables together, such as celery, watercress, and cabbage, and add a handful of berries to give it a sweet flavour.


Low fat milk

Milk contains vitamins and minerals necessary for diabetics, but you should be careful not to overdo it, as it is rich in carbohydrates, and it is preferable to rely on the low-fat or completely fat-free type.


Milk alternatives

In the supermarket, there are vegetable milks, such as oat milk, that are safer than regular milk, because they contain little carbohydrates and fats, in addition to their richness in calcium, vitamin D, protein, and other important nutrients for diabetics.



A rich source of vitamin C, which provides diabetics with protection against infection, thanks to its great ability to strengthen the immune system, but it is taken into account that it is not prepared with sugar, to achieve the maximum benefit from it.



A type of fermented tea, usually made from black or green tea, is a great source of probiotics, which contribute to maintaining a healthy gut bacterial balance and controlling blood sugar levels.

Another reason why kombucha is a healthy drink for diabetics is its low carbohydrate content, providing the body with only 7 grams per cup.


Drinks bad for the health of diabetics

The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics
The 8 best healthy drinks for diabetics

1- Soft drinks

Soft drinks are rich in white sugar, which causes it to be absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly, causing blood sugar levels to rise suddenly, and causing feelings of extreme hunger and binge eating, and thus high blood sugar level.

Also, excessive consumption of soft drinks threatens to develop diabetes in the first place.


2- Fruit juices

Despite the health benefits that a diabetic obtains by eating fruits, consuming fruit juices is no less dangerous than soft drinks, as they contain a high percentage of sugars.


3- Artificially sweetened beverages

Research has shown that artificial sweeteners affect health more than natural sugar, and cause a lot of people to eat sweets, because eating artificial sweeteners may cause changes in the brain that lead to overeating in general.

A study also links consumption of these sugar substitutes to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


4- Energy drinks

Energy drinks give a person a temporary boost of energy that comes from sugar, caffeine and other additives, but can cause heart rate, blood pressure and sleep disturbances, according to the National Center for Integrative Health, as well as sudden spikes in blood sugar.


Therefore, it is preferable to dispense with energy drinks and rely on natural sources of energy, which is to exercise, get a good sleep, and coffee or tea can be used provided that they are not sweetened.

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