spotify playlist in a bottle 2023

spotify playlist in a bottle 2023

spotify playlist in a bottle 2023. Spotify has launched a new feature called “Playlist in a Bottle”, which allows you to create a time capsule of at least three songs for yourself in the future, and once you finish the playlist, it will disappear until January 2024, giving you a memory of what you were listening to in Early 2023.

According to business insider, the Playlist in a Bottle feature is available to both free and premium Spotify users until January 31, and once February rolls around it will disappear.


spotify playlist in a bottle 2023 how to login

spotify playlist in a bottle 2023
spotify playlist in a bottle 2023

Make sure you’re signed into the Spotify app on your phone and that it’s fully updated before anything else, and when you’re ready, head to the Playlist on Bottle’s home page using your phone.

If the link takes you to the Spotify App Store page, just tap Open.

Press start, then choose the item you want to keep your Time Capsule playlist: a bottle, pocket, gumball machine, lunchbox, or teddy bear. Once you choose an item, you can start choosing the songs you want to save. Spotify will give you prompts to answer, for example, “A song you need to hear live in 2023,” or “A song you’re secretly listening to.”

spotify playlist in a bottle 2023

When you get to this step, just tap the empty box below the question to view the song you want, you can also tap random to have Spotify pick the song for you, or tap new question to see a different request.

You have to choose three songs, but you can add as many as you want with that, just hit continue once you’ve added the third track, and once you’re ready to finish your time capsule, hit you’re done.


ML is Spotify?

spotify playlist in a bottle 2023
spotify playlist in a bottle 2023

Spotify is one of the most famous and largest platforms for music services around the world, as through Spotify you can listen to any music, audio stereos, or audio clips at any time you want.. Spotify’s artistic library includes more than 40 million different audio recordings in all styles. Kamel, and from here a great service for music broadcasting was launched in one form or another from Spotify .. And note that Spotify offers everything you wish from the world of music and listening to your favorite tracks at any time and with the best audio quality.


Types of Spotify Subscriptions

Subscribing to Spotify is divided into more than one category, including free and paid ones, and each has its own advantages:

  • Free subscription to Spotify: You can subscribe to Spotify for free without paying any penny, but you should know, dear, that the free account has its disadvantages, as one of the disadvantages of the free account in Spotify is the presence of a lot of annoying ads, ads that look a lot like ads That appears on the YouTube application when it is running.. Also, the feature of downloading and listening to music clips and songs without the Internet is not available.. Almost a free subscription to Spotify is intended only for listening to songs without any interference from you to some extent.
  • Paid subscription to Spotify: The cost of paid subscription to Spotify varies from country to country, as an example: the cost of paid subscription to Spotify is $10/month in America, while in Arab countries it is equal to $5/month or the equivalent of the local currency .

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