raspberry pi management platform

raspberry pi management platform

raspberry pi management platform; You must have heard about this term in the modern IT industry. Potential replacement for any regular desktop/laptop at a very low cost. The small form factor single board computers are built by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Raspberry Pi can be connected to normal I/O devices ie – displays and mouse/keyboards. Besides, it comes with an Ethernet port and a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for connectivity.


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Why is the Raspberry Pi so popular?

Speaking more about the Raspberry Pi it runs the Linux operating system and provides a set of GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins which allows you to control and program the electronic components. Raspberry Pi has become very popular for IoT platforms, compact AI system, and many other applications.

raspberry pi management platform
raspberry pi management platform raspberry pi management platform

raspberry pi management platform

The Raspberry Pi is a special device, as it is a functionally integrated computer in a small, inexpensive box. If your goal is a device that you use to surf the Internet or for games, or you are interested in developing your own programs or designing your own electronic circuits or equipment, then the Raspberry Pi and its community of hobbyists and professionals They will be your true support in every step you take.


Raspberry Pi devices are computers assembled on a single electronic board. It is a computer such as desktop computers, laptops, or smart phones, but it was collected on a single board on which all the electronic circuits that make it up were printed. Raspberry Pi, like other single-board computers, has an important advantage, which is that it is small in size, as its size does not exceed the size of a credit card, and this does not mean at all that its capacity is weaker, but rather it can implement what any larger and more energy-consuming computer can do, but not necessarily at the same speed .

raspberry pi management platform
raspberry pi management platform

Several models of the Raspberry Pi were released successively after the release of the original Model B, and each carried improved specifications or features intended for specific uses. Multiple USB port communication with wired networking so that its outline is smaller and less electrical power consumption.


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Raspberry Pi components

The device, like the rest of the traditional computers, consists of different components for each of its roles in the system, where you will find the most important component close to the center of the board on the upper face covered with a metal cover, which is the System-On-Chip – or SoC for short.

The name of this component suggests what you would find if you removed the metal cover, which is a silicon chip known as an integrated circuit, and includes the entire Raspberry Pi system, including the central processor unit – or CPU, which is functionally the brain of the computer, and the graphics processing unit – or GPU. dealing with aspects of visual representation.


As long as the brain will be useless without memory, you will find in addition to the system chip another chip that looks like a black plastic square as shown in the following figure, which is random access memory – or RAM for short -. RAM will be the stage for all your work that will only move to permanent memory represented by a microSD memory card when you store your work.


On the upper right corner of the board, you will find another metal cover that covers the radio system that gives the Raspberry Pi the ability to wirelessly communicate as shown in the following figure. Bluetooth to communicate with peripherals such as a mouse, or transfer data to and from nearby smart devices such as phones and sensors.


On the bottom edge of the board is another black chip encased in plastic behind the set of Universal Serial Bus (or USB) ports. It is the control chip for the USB ports and is responsible for its operation. Next to it, you will find the wired network control chip. It is a smaller black chip that manages the Ethernet LAN port.


In the upper left and slightly above the power supply socket of the board via the USB-C port, you will find a smaller black chip than the rest of the chips known as the Power Management Integrated Circuit -or PMIC-, as shown in the following figure; Where this circuit manages the electrical power that arrives through the USB-C port to cover the needs of the Raspberry Pi.


Communication ports on the Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi management platform
raspberry pi management platform
  • The Raspberry Pi includes a set of ports, which are:
  • Universal Serial Bus USB ports
  • Ethernet local wired communication port
  • AV audio-visual output
  • Camera entry
  • micro-HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface port
  • USB-C port for power supply

Display screen interface

  • GPIO platform
  • PoE feeder legs platform
  • microSD memory card connector

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