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10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone

10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone

10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone, Reveals You Owning an Apple iPhone is something every user can be proud of, isn’t it? iPhone users will certainly agree with this statement. This is because of the reputation and quality of Apple products in the entire world. Because of this, people rush to buy iPhones and other products without inquiring whether the product is original or not.

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10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone

10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone
10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone

You can guarantee that the phone is original if you bought it directly from the Apple Store, but if you bought it from any other source, you should check it.


Fake iPhones are everywhere

With Apple phones taking a large market share, the market for “fake iPhones” has become a hotbed of dishonest phone manufacturers. Due to the iPhone’s popularity, quality, demand and users’ trust in it, many scammers have made a fake phone that looks exactly like the iPhone. Fake phones are so similar to real phones that no one can tell the difference between a real product and a fake one.

The first fake phones were so bad that it’s easy to tell the difference between a fake and an original. But with the development of technology, we found fake iPhones with a quality that makes them very similar to the original iPhone, and then we have to differentiate between them, as iPhone manufacturers are making great efforts to convince the victims that the phone is the original.

Legal efforts to crack down on fake iPhone manufacturers in the market have failed. Now, the only thing we can do is teach people how to tell the difference between a fake and an original. So, this article helps you know the difference between an original and a fake iPhone when you go to buy one for yourself or your acquaintances.


Check the iPhone case

The first difference you can see between an original and a fake phone is the case. Although the two cases are almost identical in shape and quality, there is a small difference in size: the original phone case is smaller than the fake phone. You can also check the Apple icon on the box and its color to match the original box.

10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone
10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone

Serial Number

Every iPhone that is manufactured has a unique serial number. Find the number inside your phone by tapping Settings > General > About > Serial Number. Then you must verify the correctness of the number through the official Apple website through this link:

On this page, you can check the warranty period by entering the serial number. If you see a message: “Sorry, this serial number is incorrect.


Connect and sync iTunes

One of the great features of iPhone phones is to entertain its users via the iTunes platform. You can check if the iPhone is fake or original by trying to connect it to the application, and if it does not connect to the application or the application does not recognize it, it is definitely not an original iPhone. But before coming to that conclusion, be sure to update the app and iOS to the latest version.

And if you can’t sync information between your iPhone and your computer, be sure to reset your phone via iTunes. An iPhone that does not connect to iTunes and the Apple App Store is definitely a fake or defective.



The iPhone comes with a bundle of original apps bearing the Apple logo. These apps cannot be removed unless the phone has been jailbreak. Examples of such applications are Contacts, Compass, Settings, Calculator, Music, and Photos.

If any of these apps are not on your phone, then the phone is either hacked or spoofed. You can restore the original operating system by entering DFU mode and reinstalling the operating system. If the original apps are still missing, the phone is most likely a fake.


3D Touch feature

iPhone 6s and later feature 3D Touch, the new generation of multi-touch screens, and one of the major improvements we’ve seen in iPhones. So you can tell if the iPhone 6S and later phones are fake by trying the 3D Touch feature.

10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone
10 major differences that reveal a fake iPhone

Go to the Apple Store or the official dealer

If your iPhone has gone through all these steps successfully, but you still suspect that it is a fake, head to the nearest Apple Store or an official dealer. The technician at the store can run tests on your phone to verify that it is genuine or not.


check siri

The most important feature of the iPhone 6S and later that you won’t find on a fake phone is Siri, your digital assistant that helps you use your phone with simple voice commands. If Siri doesn’t recognize your commands or isn’t working, this phone is a fake.


Five screws

To identify a fake iPhone, check its screws. In its original phones, Apple used five-pointed screws, while counterfeit phones used regular “cross” screws.


External memory card slot

iPhone 6S and later versions do not have slots for installing an external memory card. So if your iPhone 6S or later has an external SD card slot, this phone is a fake.


lose the buttons

One of the most important physical aspects of quality in an iPhone is the placement of the buttons on the device. It is very important that you check the positions of the buttons on your phone. In the original phone, you’ll find the on and off button on the top right, while the volume and ring control buttons are on the top left. If the buttons are anywhere else, this phone is definitely a fake.

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