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Best Features of Android 13

Best Features of Android 13

Best Features of Android 13, Google officially announced the features of Android 13 and officially provided it to users of the Pixel phones, and Google said that the features of Android 13 provide users with a greater ability to customize their devices, whether smartphones or tablets, so that they are unique according to what suits each user , in addition to support for adjusting language settings at the application level, along with more privacy controls and enhanced integration between different Android devices to improve the user experience.

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Best Features of Android 13

Best Features of Android 13 Android 13
Best Features of Android 13

Customizing third-party apps for compatibility with the Material You interface

While Google maintained the Material You interface that it presented in the previous version Android 12 in the new version Android 13, which is the interface that has wide options to customize the interface according to what suits it, including the ability to choose a custom color for the interface, with a feature that allows extracting the most prominent color in the back of the screen Then apply it automatically across the entire system, including notifications, lock screen, volume controls, and widgets.



New design for media player in Android 13

The design features of Android 13 also include significant improvements to the media player, so that its appearance and style suit the music or podcast that the user is listening to, so that the media player displays, for example, the album cover and new animation effects while playing a song or a music clip, and Google confirmed that the new player For media in Android 13 supports media played by the user through the Chrome browser.


Adjust language settings according to each application in Android 13

Android 13 Android 13 also provides users with the ability to adjust language settings according to each application, so that the user can choose the language of the application away from the system language, so that, for example, the Arabic language can be set as the main operating system for the system, with the choice of running Twitter or any other application in another language such as English or others.


Activate dark mode automatically at bedtime

Android users, through the features of Android 13, can also adjust the dark mode settings, so that the feature can be activated automatically at bedtime to dim the background and apply a dark theme, with the aim of helping the user’s eyes adapt more to the darkness before going to sleep, while reducing the negative impact that It may lead to insomnia when the user previews his phone if he wakes up in the middle of the night, and Google said that the user can enable the new feature through the Digital Wellbeing settings.

Best Features of Android 13 Android 13
Best Features of Android 13

Limit apps’ access to the photo library

One of the new privacy features in Android 13 Android 13 is to limit applications’ access to all photos in the photo library, so that the application can access only specific photos that the user chooses and not for all photos and videos on the phone, which gives the user more privacy and protection for his data, as it will not A user needs to give an app access to all photos if he just wants to change his or her profile picture.


Prevent access to important information in the clipboard

Android 13 Android 13 also prevents applications from accessing the Clipboard, so that the system automatically deletes information in the clipboard such as email address, passwords, phone numbers and bank card data after a specified period of time (about 1 hour), in order to preserve privacy.


Asking for permission before activating alerts in Android 13

Instead of needing to disable alerts from annoying apps, Android 13 Android provides an important feature that makes apps need the user’s permission or consent before sending alerts, which ensures that no annoying alerts are obtained from various apps and only the important apps that the user needs to access notifications from. .


Better experience with clipboard interaction

And when you copy an image or text in Android 13, it will now appear in a pop-up window at the bottom to interact with it, whether by modifying the text or editing the images before pasting them to another place or application, or even opening a link or navigating through maps for an address and others.

Best Features of Android 13 Android 13
Best Features of Android 13

Support for headphones that support surround sound and head tracking

Android 13 Android 13 also adds support for the Spatial Audio surround sound feature in supported headphones that allows head movement tracking, so that the feature changes the sound source to adapt to the direction of the head, providing a much better listening experience.


Integration between the Messages app in Android and Chromebooks

The new Android 13 features also include integration between different messaging applications directly through a Chromebook device connected to the same Google account, so that users can send and receive messages directly from his computer.


Seamlessly copy content between phones and tablets

Users of Android phones and Android tablets will also be able to copy and paste content such as images, texts, videos and links between devices easily and smoothly, with the official availability of Android 13, so that text can be copied, for example, from the phone and pasted into a document edited by the user on the tablet device with it.


Enhanced multitasking features on tablets

And to confirm its renewed interest in Android tablets after the official announcement of a new pixel tablet recently, Google has provided the new version of Android 13 with many advantages of multitasking to use more than one application together, so that two applications can be run together on the same screen and content is dragged and inserted between both The two applications, in addition to providing a new taskbar at the bottom to facilitate navigation between applications.


Drawing and writing is better on tablets

Android 13 and Android 13 register the digital stylus and palm as separate input methods on tablets, allowing for better writing and drawing without any interference.


Vibration intensity control

Depending on the specifications of the phone, the user may find within the settings in Android 13 a feature to control the intensity of vibrations, so that the user can control the intensity of vibrations for both alerts, alarms, and others.


The ability to control smart home devices without opening the screen

Android 13 also allows users to activate a feature to control smart home devices without the need to open the screen or from the lock screen directly, a feature that can be activated through the settings.


When is Android 13 available for update?

The Android 13 Android 13 update is now available for Google Pixel phones, provided that the update is available for many other devices such as Samsung Galaxy phones, Asus phones, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Sony and others, during the coming months (the last quarter of 2022 until the second quarter of 2023). .

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