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9 best games for aviation lovers

9 best games for aviation lovers

9 best games for aviation lovers, If you love aviation, love technology, then you will definitely love flight simulator games. If you have never tried these games before you must do it!

Flight simulation games give you the opportunity to enjoy something you love in a world that you find interesting, and also provide you with the opportunity to have fun while flying in the virtual sky.


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9 best games for aviation lovers


X-Plane 11

9 best games for aviation lovers
9 best games for aviation lovers

This game was officially launched by Laminar Research on March 30, 2017, and the game is available for PC and mobile devices. It is one of the best flight simulation games for the serious flying enthusiasts and the game features 3D cockpit design and realistic landscapes.

You can even design your own plane, your own airport, and share them with the rest of the players, and the game also allows you to change the weather conditions.

As one of the most realistic flight simulation games, this game is sometimes used for flight training.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

9 best games for aviation lovers
9 best games for aviation lovers

Not a single game but a series of flight simulation games, and this series is one of the best and oldest simulation games that are still out there in the market.


In fact, the game, first released 35 years ago, may be one of the oldest and longest-lived video games ever on the market.

This game gives you the opportunity to fly around the world, plan the flight path, and even design the plane. You can also complete the missions required by the game.


Microsoft Flight Simulator For X-box


The world is developing so fast that Microsoft Flight Simulator has updated itself to keep pace with the new era with new possibilities, so you can enjoy the most realistic flight simulation game through your x-box, now available for both desktop and x-box as well.


If you are looking for how to be a pilot and learn how to fly, here is the cheapest and fastest flight training where Microsoft Flight Simulator looks the same as real flight methods, gives you the opportunity to act in real situations including challenging and funny Allows you to have more fun and integrate with the game as if real.


FlightGear Flight Simulator

9 best games for aviation lovers
9 best games for aviation lovers

This is a free, open source, cross-platform game developed by the Flight Gear Project. The project was first launched in 1997 and has been developing ever since.

The game includes many planes and landscapes, and more is added every day, and it can be played as a single player or in combination with other players.


IL-2 Sturmovik

9 best games for aviation lovers
9 best games for aviation lovers

This series of flight simulation games centered around the air battles of World War II has been developed by Maddox Games Company. The game includes many historical aircraft from different sources, all of which were used in World War II at one time or another. Each part of the game revolves around the location of a historical battle in the war.


This game is one of the leading flying battle games, and one of the most popular flight simulation games. The last sequel, The Battle of Stalingrad, was released in November 2013. But a new sequel is expected this year.


Digital Combat Simulator

9 best games for aviation lovers
9 best games for aviation lovers

One of the best flight simulation game series, Eagle Dynamics developed and released this game in 2008.

The quality of the simulation varies greatly in this game from one model to another, and from one version to another. One of the features of the game is that it includes a task modification feature, and this feature enables the player to modify the tasks in the game or design new tasks of his own.


Airport City

9 best games for aviation lovers
9 best games for aviation lovers

It might not be a flight simulator, but we can’t forget it because it is one of the most fun flying games! The game is available for PC and mobile devices, and is one of the most fun and attractive airplane games for players.

The goal of the game is to build and develop your own airport, as well as your aircraft fleet. You can also develop your own space exploration program, doesn’t that sound fun!


The game starts with a small airport with one aisle, small crew and several basic buildings. Then this airport developed through the completion of various tasks, and the aircraft fleet developed by traveling to different countries, as well as the development of the city surrounding the airport. Your mission is to become an aviation tycoon by building the best airport in the world.


Thrustmaster HOTAS X

Flight Hotas X is a programmable joystick and throttle compatible with PC and PS3 systems to simulate a real flight game.

The Hotas joystick features a large throttle that is used to control the speed and acceleration of the aircraft, plus the throttle is detachable so you can detach it to recreate truly new pilot conditions.

Depending on your playing style, you may want to use a super sensitive joystick that responds to light touches. With a stiffer joystick, it offers greater resistance when moved. The resistance of the T. Flight Hotas X can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.


Real Flight RF9 Flight Simulator

RealFlight is the world’s first remote control flight simulator and it is definitely the best new tool for remote control pilots that helps you learn how to fly.

RealFlight helps you to enjoy new maneuvers and improve your skills that can help you become a better pilot.

RealFlight offers more than 160 different aircraft, the most popular of which are airplanes, helicopters and drones. In addition, RealFlight gives you the opportunity to edit aircraft and locations, and there are an unlimited number of flight options available.

Multiplayer option is available so you can fly and compete with a group of pilots available online which makes the flight training game funny.

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