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The most important hair care methods 2022

The most important hair care methods 2022

The most important hair care methods 2022, hair is like a plant that needs care and attention to maintain its growth and healthy appearance. Styling products, shampoos and other hair care products may give the hair an aesthetic appearance, but they will not radically treat common hair problems, which requires maintaining a daily and weekly routine for nourishing and caring for the hair. Despite the availability of hundreds of ways to care for hair from natural ingredients, traditional care products and others, the biggest question remains, how do I take care of my hair properly? To learn about the most important hair care methods 2022, here is a guide to taking care of hair in an ideal way.


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The most important hair care methods 2022

The most important hair care methods 2022
The most important hair care methods 2022

Hair care methods differ according to its type, and determining the type of hair is the first step in the ideal hair care. Hair is classified into three types: dry, oily and normal hair. This classification is based on determining the degree of dryness or oiliness of hair according to the secretions of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.


Hair can also be categorized according to its external texture and keratin content into curly, wavy and smooth. On this basis, the different methods of care can be determined according to the type of hair, and we review below the most important methods of hair care 2022.


How to take care of dry hair

Dry hair is characterized by its dull appearance, where the hair color is not shiny, and there is little secretion of natural oils in the scalp, so it is more prone to breakage and roughness.


Caring for dry hair, you first need to choose the right care products for it. It is preferable to choose oily products that contain extracts of natural oils to compensate the hair and scalp for the lack of oily secretions that help moisturize the hair naturally.


Also, you should avoid using harsh shampoos that some may use, thinking that they help to clean the scalp deeply, but they may cause the hair to become more dry and brittle.


The most important ways to care for dry hair at home

Dry hair care at home requires following a daily, weekly, and monthly routine to maintain its health, shine and vital appearance, and protect it from breakage and hair loss by taking care of it, properly nourishing it and providing it with vitamins and natural tonics.



Daily dry hair care routine

The most important hair care methods 2022
The most important hair care methods 2022

hair massage

Massage the scalp and hair, starting from the roots of the hair to the ends, for several minutes daily for dry hair. Massaging stimulates blood circulation, which helps transport nutrients effectively to the hair roots.


Using a few natural hair oils helps to moisturize the hair while massaging it, and it also works to encapsulate the hair with a protective layer that helps protect it from the influence of external factors and protects it from drying out.

It is recommended to use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or shea butter in the hair and scalp massage, an amount equivalent to 1/2 teaspoon daily.


Moisturizing hair

Deeply moisturizing dry hair is the first way to protect it from breakage and increase dryness. Using a conditioner designed for dry hair after rinsing the hair is one of the basic steps in caring for dry hair. You can also add the content of vitamin E capsules to your conditioner, as it helps to increase the hydration of the hair from the roots and protect it from the effects of free radicals that cause it to dry out and give it a weak and dull appearance.


Weekly dry hair care routine

The most important hair care methods 2022
The most important hair care methods 2022

To care for dry hair on a weekly basis, it is recommended to use a cream bath for dry hair. When choosing a cream bath, it is recommended to choose products that contain honey extracts, milk and natural oils, which help moisturize the hair and protect it from drying out.

Some natural recipes can also be used as a great alternative to the traditional cream bath, which is one of the best ways to take care of dry hair.



Dry hair care using coconut milk

Coconut milk is known for its great care for dry and stressed hair. The high content of fatty acids and proteins makes it a great and natural alternative to traditional hair treatments. Coconut milk can be included in your weekly dry hair care routine by warming three tablespoons of coconut milk and applying it to wet hair for 30 minutes, then rinsing the hair with water and shampoo.

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