Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022

Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022

Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022, and a crazy thing almost happened. Lionel Messi, the star of the Argentine national team, spoke about the tango dancers’ victory over Australia (2-1), yesterday, Saturday, in the World Cup final price competition.

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Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022

Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022
Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022

Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022 . Messi said, in statements highlighted by the Spanish newspaper “Marca”: “I feel very happy because I took another step towards my goal.”


It is my first World Cup with them, after they have grown up and understand everything, and this is their first tournament in the World Cup, and it is always the happiest. Before that, Thiago – the eldest son – was not aware of what It means the World Cup.


He continued, “The experiences make me see things in a different way, and I really enjoy everything we experience and enjoy it. I hope we will continue to progress. Now comes the Netherlands in the quarter-finals, which will be against a very difficult opponent.”

Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022

And he continued: “The match against Australia ended in a state of suffering (Martinez saved in the last moments). We dominated and led 2-0, but they scored a goal and started shooting balls in the penalty area, it is the World Cup and there are times when you have to suffer. It was crazy If only they would draw with us after all we’ve done.”


Australian player answered about his fight with Messi


Australia’s Aziz Behic has commented on an altercation that broke out between him and Argentinian star Lionel Messi in the match that brought the two teams together on Saturday night at the final price race of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. did. Messi talks about facing the Netherlands 2022


Messi took his country to the quarterfinals after beating the Australian national team 2–1 for him, setting a date with the Dutch national team.


The match witnessed an unfamiliar event as Messi got into a fight after a joint ball with Australian national team player Aziz Behic.


To find out the reason for the dispute between the Australian player and Messi. Behitch replied, “No problem, what happened is over,” indicating that it was just a passing of emotions between them.


The Argentinian and Dutch teams will play their quarter-final match next Friday at his stadium in Lusail.


Messi is Argentina’s biggest qualifier winner


The Argentina national team defeated Australia (2-1) at the final price this Saturday to qualify for the quarter-finals of the World Cup (Qatar 2022).


The tango dancer will clash with the Dutch windmills in next Friday’s quarter-final match and book tickets to earn a spot in Golden He Square.


Messi is the most prominent winner of the qualifiers, as he has been able to break through the complications of his crisis since his first participation in the World Cup.

And Liu managed to score his first goal in the play-offs after failing to score in the elimination stage during the tetralogy with Nomi, ending it in his fifth participation.

Leo scored eight goals in the group stage and scored his ninth goal in the knockout stage, just one goal to equal the number (10) of Gabriel Batistuta, Argentina’s top scorer at the World Cup rice field.

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