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Hungry but I’m not hungry

emotional eating


You came back from school after you quarrel with your best friend, it may be a minor quarrel and soon the water will return to its course, but when you get home your mother may ask you why you are nervous, either:

  • You tell your mother what happened and they discuss the matter until you hear a reassuring solution from her.
  • Or tell your mom that you’re fine and go to the fridge for ice cream or ice cream.

But do you feel good after eating that ice cream?

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What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is the use of food as a means to overcome sadness or stress rather than to satisfy our true hunger.


Have you ever eaten a bag of potato chips because of boredom, or ate a piece of chocolate because of your feelings of distress or sadness or because of fear of exams?


But after we finished eating it, we realize that we were not feeling hungry, but we were eating because of our psychological state. This type of “emotional eating” may affect our health and increase our weight.


We may not realize the difference between emotional eating and normal eating, which is not a rule that applies to everyone, but understanding why we eat emotionally may help us overcome this habit.


Emotional eating is usually caused by sad and negative emotions such as anxiety, stress and fear. But emotional eating may have a motive, such as eating a lot of food during a holiday or holiday period, or on family gathering days.


This habit may be acquired or learned because of how adults treat us. Do you remember that you used to cry when you were young, and you were asked to stop crying in exchange for giving you a cake or a piece of chocolate? From here we learned that eating means resting us from crying, and this is a big mistake that adults should pay attention to.




What is the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger?

emotional hunger

  • Suddenly it comes to us and we feel an urgent urge to eat.
  • We crave certain types of food, such as pizza, chips, or ice cream.
  • We eat a lot and do not feel full.
  • We feel guilty after eating.

real hunger

  • The feeling of hunger comes gradually and the desire to eat can be postponed.
  • We can quench our hunger by eating any type of food.
  • We stop feeling full.
  • Don’t feel guilty after eating.

We can overcome this habit in several ways, including:

  • Find an alternative eating activity.
  • If you feel upset, try to talk to your friends or meet them.
  • Do any sport you like, or practice yoga, because it is useful for relaxation or listen to your favorite music.
  • Be sure to go to bed early because hunger may be due to lack of sleep and fatigue.


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