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Three excellent natural and simple ways to take care of the health of your skin

take care of your skin

Your health is essential in order for you to enjoy a life full of freedom and happiness in every moment without diseases that harm it and make you a permanent guest in hospitals and clinics. Now, through this article exclusively, we offer you three natural, simple and excellent ways to take care of the health of your skin and skin, and this is as follows:

The softness of your feet… With glycerin and rose water

Hands and feet are the title of your beauty… But unfortunately many neglect to take care of them, beauty expert Yasmine Hammad offers some natural recipes for more smoothness and hydration.

Use warm almond oil to soften hands and elbows, as it removes roughness and restores beauty to the hand.

Repeat this at least 3 times daily for 4 weeks.

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You can use lemon juice to remove stains from the hands, as massaging them with it has been proven to lighten and lighten dark areas.

For the beauty of the feet, use glycerin to eliminate roughness and cracking, massage them with glycerin added to rose water and notice the difference.

Lightening creams for brown spots

Do you suffer from age lines and skin discoloration? A day and night cream is currently available in the market.

The night helps reduce the appearance of age spots, as well as skin discoloration, thus enjoying smooth and clearer skin… Apply it in the evening on the face and neck after cleaning them.

The day cream is extracted from a European flower, which is known to enhance natural hydration from the inside to the surface of the skin and works to promote the renewal of skin cells and increase its cohesion while lightening its tone within a week. The plant extracts also help reduce the appearance of age spots!

Al-Saud gets rid of excess hair

To remove excess hair from the body and skin, use the Al-Saud plant, which is available in perfumery stores.

Apply it to the places to be cleaned once every two weeks and leave it for 15 minutes, then rub it.

Rinse with lukewarm water and then pass a piece of rose water on the areas to check any traces of redness.

It is preferable to use the Saud plant after the completion of the menstrual cycle, where the hormones for secretion of hairs are in an active state and the Saud plant eliminates them from the roots. This is repeated monthly two or three times in the first week and then once every week during the rest of the month.

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