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4 Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss on Netflix

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In this article, we have chosen for you a group of 4 distinct series that you will be very happy when you watch them on Netflix , as follows:

1- Godless


In this series, there are many events that attract the viewer, for example, but not limited to, that a number of its parts revolve in a city inhabited only by women, then the pursuit of a major gang for a partner and many interesting events that make watching this series on Netflix very interesting, as it is without a doubt One of the best Netflix series on this well-known site.

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2- Evil Genius

Evil Genius

Entering the world of crime and getting to know how the criminal thinks is something that attracts many people, and this is what this series plays on, as it is amazed by its heroine, who is able to commit many crimes without being detected by investigators and legal authorities until about ten years after committing such crimes. How was it implemented and how was it revealed specifically? This is what you will generally know when you follow this wonderful series.

3- Defendant


The hero of the series works as a prosecutor, but instead of investigating people’s crimes, which is his job, we find him in this series involved in a murder. So, is he innocent or convicted, and if he is innocent, how will he be able to prove his innocence? And if he is convicted, will he be exposed, or will he be able to succeed in deceiving others? Follow the series, then, dear reader, to know the answer to all these questions.

4- Lupine


Have you heard of Ursine Lupine, that well-known classic French story? If you haven’t heard about it yet, you must now read it well if you want to follow this series that talks about, Netflix generally shows the second season, so if you want to follow consciously, then you should watch the first season at the beginning and we are confident that it will attract you completely to follow The second season is on the site.

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