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The 14 best tourist places in the world

The 14 best tourist places in the world

The 14 best tourist places in the world, the world includes many distinct tourist and entertainment cities that you can enjoy, so you should learn about the 14 best tourist places in the world and the most visited by tourists, so follow all the details in this article.

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List of the 14 best tourist places in the world

The 14 best tourist places in the world
The 14 best tourist places in the world


  • Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is one of the most beautiful cities in Montenegro, and this charming city is very popular with tourists. It has a charming and attractive nature, and its inhabitants are wonderful people. And when you go to one of the wonderful cafes located inside the alleys and public squares, and have a cup of coffee. You will feel, as if you are in another world of fun and beauty.

The Bay of Kotor is also one of the most charming places in Europe, which is called the wonder of the Mediterranean.


  • Quito, Ecuador Quito

It is one of the cities of South America, and this city has many wonderful attractions, and it has many ancient and historical places.

This made it one of the oldest cities recognized by UNESCO as an important heritage site.

Therefore, it is a tourist destination for many tourists who love heritage and witness the magnificent engineering architecture.


  • Dublin, Ireland

The 14 best tourist places in the world
The 14 best tourist places in the world

Dublin is known as one of the most cosmopolitan cities, pulsing with a spirit of youth, vitality, optimism and creativity. Because about half of its population is under the age of 30, and many different celebrations and festivals of all kinds are held in this city. It really is the city of youth.


  • Georgetown, Malaysia

George Town is one of the areas famous for its heritage sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. But in recent times, it has become famous for its many shopping places and various exhibition grounds.

It also has a lot of wonderful guesthouses dotted amid colonial architecture.


  • Mumbai, India

Mumbai is investing its wealth in all cosmetic ways, which makes it one of the most attractive cities in the world for travelers.

Where visitors can navigate the city via the express monorail. You also enjoy watching modern architecture and color festivals that spread in the squares of Mumbai, and you can see the tallest residential building in the world.


  • Fremantle, Australia

Frame Natal, Australia, is a city that attracts tourists from all sides. It is visited by visitors who wish to enjoy the modern outdoor life.

This city is also characterized by the presence of many buildings, which date back to the historical colonial era. And a variety of historic limestone streets.


  • Manchester, Britain

This city was known as the engine of the Industrial Revolution, and the dynamo of British culture. Where it has the Manchester United Festival and many other international fairs, it is one of the best tourist cities in the world.

It is also the third most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors.


  • Nashville, USA

Nashville in America is known as the city of music, and many visitors come to it who love to visit nature reserves.

Which is spread everywhere in it, as well as fishing lovers as well, it is a suitable and suitable place for them. It is an ideal city to travel and enjoy the latest developments in all fields, and this city is also known for its low cost of living.


  • Rome, Italy

The 14 best tourist places in the world
The 14 best tourist places in the world

Rome is the eternal archaeological city to which all roads lead, and Rome has many unique attractions and entertainment. Including the Calcium and the Trevi Fountain, which is ready to receive visitors to Rome from all over.

It is also one of the most touristic cities in the world in terms of glory, glamor and beauty.



  • Great Wall of China

If you want more fun, excitement and fun, you should visit the Great Wall of China. It is a great opportunity to take souvenir photos among the surrounding mountains.

But it is preferable to visit it in the summer, as in the winter the temperature drops below zero. So you should take good care of it.


  • Guatemala City

If you are a fan of ancient historical culture, looking for adventures between historical cities and volcanoes, and enjoy the charming views.

You should visit Guatemala City, as it is a picturesque spot surrounded by volcanoes from all directions. It also contains many charming surprises.


  • Turkey

It is one of the distinctive destinations for many Arab and foreign tourists, to enjoy it throughout the year. Where they can enjoy many international beaches such as Bursa, Antalya, and Istanbul to learn about the many Ottoman landmarks.


  • Malaysia

It is a distinctive destination for many Arab tourists who prefer to go there, for three main reasons. It includes many different cultures within it, but it is close to the Arabs in terms of the religious aspect.

It also owns many wonderful and charming hotels, combining picturesque nature and modern charming buildings.


  • Dubai

The 14 best tourist places in the world
The 14 best tourist places in the world

Dubai is one of the most beautiful Arab cities, and even one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire Middle East. It is also the nearest favorite tourist destination, which everyone wishes to visit and prefer to spend a big holiday there.

Due to the many activities that you can enjoy there, it has now become a distinctive destination for many foreign tourists, not just Arabs.

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