Fear of marriage (Gamophobia)

Fear of marriage (Gamophobia)

Fear of marriage (Gamophobia). You have a good relationship, you love your partner, spending time with them means the world to you…but when it comes to marriage, you panic, don’t you feel ready? but why? We will let you know. Follow us.

Many young people fear marriage, but this does not mean abandoning it. According to the latest statistics, “marriage phobia” is one of the most psychological problems that affect 20% of young people. Many ask why young people refrain from getting married. In this article, we will shed light on this phobia. Or “marriage fear” or as it is called in science as “Gamophobia”.




What is the Fear of marriage (Gamophobia)?

Fear of marriage (Gamophobia)

Phobia in general is a state of fear of something that negatively affects daily life, and different schools have different interpretations of the causes of phobia. While Freud defined phobias as unconscious struggles, according to Watson, phobias depend on a conditioned reflex.

Gamophobia is considered one of the modern fears that has not been addressed and studied in detail, and therefore there are no accurate statistics on the degree of its prevalence among people, but what is agreed is that it affects young people more than women, and yet it can impede the course of personal relationships and disturb peace. life.

It can make it difficult to form relationships with others and interfere with your ability to function normally in everyday life. Marital phobia is considered like other phobias because it is characterized by fears that are not commensurate with the actual danger or threat, and these symptoms are continuous and last for six months or more.

Fear of divorce or separation is also one of the things that push some people to refrain from marriage, as about 50% of current marriages end in divorce, and these numbers make us doubt the idea of marriage.


Signs and symptoms of phobia of marriage:

Fear of marriage (Gamophobia)

Among the physical symptoms that the individual suffers from are the following: when the issue of marriage is raised;


What causes a fear of marriage (gamophobia)?

The reasons are briefly listed as follows:


Treatment methods that can be followed:

Behavioral therapy: In this way that aims at the time and enables the person to positively influence their feelings and change their thoughts and behaviors, the person can make constructive, non-subjective, and logical decisions.

Psychotherapy: It aims to advance the steps of personal development in a way that aims to provide a solution to people’s emotional problems and the state of these problems, and to protect and improve mental health.

Exposure: By exposing the person directly to the source of the problem and anxiety, by persevering in long and valuable relationships, engagement is sought to effectively ensure its continuity.

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